Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Top 10 Things that I've Learned from IRT

Top 10 Things that I've learned from Ice Road Truckers ... and can be applied to the ministry as well:

I. Going Slow isn't always bad.

II. Everyone needs patience.

III. Attitude is everything.

IV. It is good to know where you are going.

V. Prayer helps ...Alot.

VI. Conflict resolution comes in handy.

VII. It is good to know WHO is in control.

VIII. Respect, respect, respect ...need I say it again?

IX. Communication is a Must.

X. If things get out of control - check that you are not. Taking care of one's self and being flexible when things are beyond what you can handle.

(This helps also to take care of your own soul as well)

Others you would add?

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