Friday, July 20, 2012

Four Types of Sheep.

In a recent conversation I had with a fellow church leader in our area ... he mentioned to me that there are 4 types of sheep.

I. Sheep that are leaders. They know the Master. They are ready to follow Him and lead others and other sheep to Him.

II. Flock. Those sheep that just go with the flow. Never really do anything but go any direction.

III. Renegade Sheep. This sheep is the one that sometimes needs to be broken to be mended to follow the Shepherd's voice ... It tends to go its own way and let pride get in the way ...rebeling against everything and everyone and tries to thwart any change, leadership, and leading.

IV. Loner sheep. Not really a follower nor rebel but stand offish .... tends to get lost easy and the parable of the lost sheep applies here.

So question is which sheep are you? Leader? Rebel? just in the crowd or the loner?

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