Thursday, June 28, 2012

Health Care Reform.

Let me just say the system is broken. We all need health care reform. Just not the way politicians on both sides are pitching it.

We need to get rid of the hidden costs, fees, red tape, and the way the system operates. Let insurance do what insurance is suppose to do ... pay for the care received .... not all the buildings, insurance co-writers, lawyers etc.

Let there be support for preventative care. I shouldn't have to pony up a lot of dough because enrolling my kids in schools in MD ...They only take MD physician records. My out of state records didn't do; and the insurance company had a 6 mth waiting period ... (I didn't see that in the fine print and guess who forked out the dough? - hence I changed insurance companies)

Also let the rates be reasonable and cost effective. There is no reason for a healthy family to have rates go from a certain dollar amount to over $200 more a month the next year? That is highway robbery. Let some of the small businesses and especially non-profits get the same rates as big corporations?? Let even health care insurance policies cross and not be defined within state borders ...

In some ways our insurance companies need to operate like they are managing our money for health reasons .... like a health savings account. And when we stay healthy - add interest to our account.

We need to stop comparing Canada's Health care to Obama's. It is apples and oranges ... like comparing NYC to the rest of the US .... shouldn't happen.

I agree there needs to be Health Care Reform. It is broken. Unfortunately there is so much politics involved right now, and even with Today's Supreme Court decision ... I don't see it being fixed anytime soon. Perhaps I am wrong. But the fact is few have read (Even those that support Obama's healthcare) the bill.

Is what either Candidate touting an answer? I'm very skeptically. I think what we all can agree on is our healthcare system cannot continue to operate the way it does. What is the answer? Honestly I don't know. I really don't think the politicians know either.

Here are some suggestions I have for Health Reform (Similar to my immigration Reform)

I. Keep it simple. Easy to understand.

II. Keep it Affordable. (So if everyone wants health insurance they can have it)

III. Get rid of the overhead and costs (Amazing to me to see some of the waste and red tape in the healthcare field)

IV. Have those that need preventative and pre-existing conditions - covered (someone discovers they have cancer - and health insurance drops them .... very SAD - sometimes it isn't always about $$$)

V. Add some spiritual care influence - afterall - mind, body, soul - seem to help heal. I've seen the good work Hospital chaplains do ... they need to be supported as well

VI. Have a plan for those in palliative care. End of life issues should not always be discussed in emergency situations when end of life is happening. I've seen too many families struggle when they find out their loved one's health is gone - and they had no will, no funeral plans, no insurance etc. Funeral homes and health care facilities can so much educate in this field.

VII. Other ideas? What are your thoughts?

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