Wednesday, May 02, 2012

When the Word Leads Your Pastoral Search - A Review.

Read this book in one day. Couldn't put it down. I have a friend that is currently inbetween ministries and wanted to help him. So I picked up this book to review ...

There are some good practical and principles here. Alot of Biblical principles that sometimes the hardest search isn't the one of Moses letting my people go ...but that of getting your next preacher.

One of the nuggets I got out of the book (Besides the whole pastoral search hints for both sides of the aisle - those on the committee and those searching for their next church) was found on pg. 104.

"Bryan Chapel's '3am test' is especially vivid:
The 3am test requires you to imagine (Someone) awaking you from your deepest slumber with this simple question, 'What's the sermon about today, Pastor?' If you cannot give a crisp answer, you know the sermon is probably half-baked. Thoughts you cannot gather at 3am are not likely to be caught by others at 11am'"

Bibilical preaching being central to the ministry at the church. The author Chris Bauns does a great job of guiding one's search and what should be done when a local congregation is searching for their next preacher.

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