Friday, May 18, 2012

Just one Click Video

Saw this video and all I can say is "WOW" Powerful message .... and STRONG message on the dangers of porn and the internet. May we promote Good and be accountable in all areas of our lives.

Watch this provocative, just-released video and make sure you forward to the parents and leaders in your life today!

* Warning: Mature Content. Disclaimer: The Just1ClickAway video was created according to the highest standards of integrity. All minor children acting in the film were supervised at all times by a parent. The parents met with the director in advance to closely review the script, receive explanations about the purpose and use for the film and sign releases. Minors were on set only for their specific parts and their scenes were shot without suggestive images or other characters within their view

Just1ClickAway (J1CA) is not a stand-alone piece - it is one facet, or track, of a much broader ministry emphasis - the Bare Facts. The purpose of the Just1ClickAway video is to raise awareness about the threat of Internet pornography and to network with other organizations to offer solutions for families and individuals of all ages and stages. The website promotes the Bare Facts messages and products, along with many other referrals to articles and partner organizations who are working in the areas of prevention, addiction, and education - all groups that are offering solutions.

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