Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Where is God?

Where is God .... when?

Then we add the event, tragedy, situation, relationship .... you name it.

Most likely it deals with a terrible situation that one cannot explain. Most of them very personal and very life changing. So where is God when certain things happens? What about the issue and the problem of pain?

I hear certain people respond "Oh, I won't go to church because God took my loved one is all His fault." Of course were they ever in Church to begin with?

So what is the answer?

The Biblical character of Job struggled with this very issue. He lost everything. His friends and family all tried to have him blame God. It didn't work. Some well meaning people want to say it was for God's purpose. (Not really the time nor the place to give pat answers)

Some want to quote scripture. Some want to say it will all work out. (How do you know that?)

So where is God? The same place He has always been in control. I trust it. I believe it. I don't always understand it though.

So what are we to do in times when this question comes up?

I. Listen. There is just something about the ministry of presence. Just being there. Holding one's hand. Just being a friend.

II. Pray. Pray for wisdom. Pray for discernment. Silently pray.

III. Be honest. When the questions come (And they will) say "I don't know ..."

IV. Be there for the long term. Remember anniversaries. Help be a friend. The weeks, months, and years after tragedy still have wounds and they turn into scars ... and people remember.

V. Be a faithful and loving witness for Christ. Nothing is better than being the hands and feet of Jesus by loving others through the tough times and the good times. Be there.

Any other suggestions you would do?

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