Wednesday, March 07, 2012

"Self Promoting" Christian Blogs = Self Righteous?

Here is a pet peeve of mine ... Christian leaders that self promote their own blogs every day. In fact if it isn't every day it is every other day on other social media sites such as groups in Facebook. All they post is their blog ... don't contribute to the conversation ... and sometimes post their blog posts just to stir things up. It gets old. There are things as "Google Reader" to add people's blogs to one's reader or even an RSS feed. You can also have the posts emailed to you ... but no instead these authors and Christian leaders just post their blog posts on the site ... and it is like saying:

1. Hey look at my latest writing .... I'm cool.

2. I, know it all. How self-righteous of you.

3. Promotes this celebrity mentality.

4. Promotes sometimes disunity.

What do you think? am I off base? I know there are some good authors out there and probably don't mean it that way.

Maybe they can see ...check out my blog and add it to your Feed. Or post their blog posts they think contribute to the issue that is being discussed ... to just post your latest blog post and that is it ...adds nothing but self promotion and almost seems you are being arrogant and self righteous at the same time matter how good or bad your writing is.


CheezewhizChurch said...

Tremendously insightful

Bryan said...

I think it can be looked at the way you describe, or it's a way of getting the word out about a spiritual truth that may benefit lots of people...I guess what matters is the heart of the individual.

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