Thursday, March 29, 2012

Justice for Not just Travvon But Lamonte.

The year was Christmas Eve 1998. My friend, Lamonte, had finished working at KB Toys ... he had just went home. This would be the last time he would be heard from again. A few days later ...Lamonte doesn't show up for work. That was strange. He was 23. He had just quitting smoking. He talked about his son; getting ready to get married to his fiancee. He was suppose to spend Christmas with his family.

Then the news ... Lamonte (an African American) had been found in the basement of his home - murdered. Left naked and covered up by a blanket ...(as if he was some sort of animal) The robbers took all the Christmas gifts, his clothes and made off into the night.

His family found him. Later the police would find the criminals and prosecute them. Nothing in the news. Just another murder in a city as if this was the norm. It wasn't the norm. It shouldn't be the norm. I want my friend back. (Fact is I want all my friends who have died back at times ...I cry and think man what a mean and evil world we live in)

The reality is that there is sin. There is racism. (It shouldn't BE!!!) My friend was just considered another stat. Another murder. Another forgotten face. Life taken too short. Nothing in the paper, in fact you can't even find the obituary nor find out what happened to his killers. I've gone over this time and time again and think about Lamonte ever now and then. I've moved on and forgiven but wonder when there is a National NEWS about a murder is what about Lamonte? What about some people like the friends of Kyle Fleischmann (who want answers?)(Who went missing in Charotte, NC a few yrs ago and never to be seen again. I had held a prayer vigil in Raleigh, NC for him). I remember Lamonte's funeral .... all of us from KB Toys went ... They played a Kirk Franklin song ... Tears in my eyes.

In the end all will be revealed .... whatever happened with this current Case of Travvon/Zimmerman .... it reminds me for every one of these stories there is always one that is forgotten not on the news ....Someone struggling that they just lost a loved one. They are grieving and that Only the God of all Comfort can be there!!! Probably one of the most comforting facts as to why I'm in ministry that God is in control ....I trust Him. I Follow Him. Try to give hope, love, faith to a hurting world.

What about you? Have a "Lamonte story" in your life? Helping hurting people? Praying for them? Thinking about that as I heard at my children's school that a child lost a parent to cancer this week. Continue to pray for each other.

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