Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Downsizing My Office.

As many of you know is "I love books." I love to read. And until a few years ago, would rarely part with any of my books or resources .... This week I went through my office and actually got rid of two book cases full of material. (I took my book cases that I bought home and cleaned up my office). Don't get me wrong ... I love reading and I still love books ...and there are some books I wouldn't want to part with. (I'm actually hoping to pass along to my kids)

The reality is that most of the books I have - after I read them - they just collect dust. So I need to recycle, reuse and re-invest in others as well. A lifelong leader is a learner ...and he also passes along his resources. I'm hoping to do that more. To learn, re-invest in people's lives, and help people be even better leaders than me.

How about you?

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