Thursday, March 08, 2012

"Celebrity" Christian Causes.

Seems a lot of people see a certain video or social network issue and have to promote or press the "Share" button. The problem is it becomes the fad or gimmick of the week. What happens next week? Who picks up the pieces?

Do we jump on the bandwagon? Or do we continue with the resources and gifts and abilities that God gives us?

Seems to me this week to week or month to month causes ...they cause confusion. The focus tends to be on the social justice issues rather than the God of Justice. We need to be careful. Be as innocent as doves, wise as serpents ...

So what is the Church to do when certain causes come up or emergencies arise?

I. Have a plan.

II. Pray

III. Respond with kindness.

IV. If people want to give, or share that is ok ... but recognize or ask are they doing because "everyone is doing it" or feel compelled because they prayed about it and are convicted to do so?

V. What happens when this Cause is over?

VI. Have a Church Emergency Plan or "Special offerings" when leaders decide what funds to help support.

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