Monday, March 05, 2012

25 Books for those Church Leaders that are Hurting.

One of my biggest passions and sympathy for is those that are ministers and have been hurt by the church. There are tons of stories out there .... Sheep that bite. Churches that have hurt some good preachers ... and of course preachers that have hurt churches too!! My hope is that the church improves. I love the Church. See the potential in her. See people that have abused her; and people that misuse "the Church and her leaders."

So this is to encourage my fellow workers in the ministry: Hang in there. Don't quit. The grass isn't always greener.

Through the years there have been some good books and resources that have encouraged in in the midst of down times.

Here they are:

1. Brothers We are Not Professionals - John Piper

2. Christian Minister - Sam Stone

3. Churches that Abuse - Ronald M. Enroth.

4. Dare to Drop the Pose- Craig Groeschel

5. Dear Preacher, Please Quit! Roy Branson. Jr.

6. Escape from Church, Inc. E. Glenn Wagner

7. Find Us Faithful - Bob Russell

8. Genuine Ministers - Marshall Leggett

9. How to be an Effective Church Leader - Sam Stone

10. I'd Rather See a Sermon - Dave Stone.

11. Keeping Your Head Above Water - Dave Stone

12. Leadership from the inside out - Kevin Harney

13. Leading on Empty - Wayne Cordeiro

14. Making Sense of the Ministry - Warren and David Wiersbe

15. Painful Side of Leadership - Jeff Iorg

16. Pastors in Pain - Gary Preston

17. Pastors at Greater Risk - HB London Jr, Neil B. Wiseman

18. Power of Loving Your Church - David Hansen

19. 10 Things Every Minister Needs to know - Ronnie Floyd

20. They Smell like Sheep - Lynn Anderson

21. Things They Never Taught You in Seminary - Deborah and James Bushfield

22. Tool box for Busy Pastors - Barry Campbell

23. Wounded Minister - Guy Greenfield

24. Who Stole My Church? - Gordon Macdonald

25. Pastors Handbook - John Bisagno.

I believe every preacher, leader, etc. Needs to have one or more of these books on their bookshelves to encourage them and when times get tough.

Honorable mention:

The Healthy Pastor - Dennis Bickers

The new Guidebook for Pastors - James Bryant and Mac Brunson

Moments for Pastors - Robert Strand.

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