Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What One wants in their Preacher?

What does one want in their preacher?

The best conversationalist? The best communicator? The best dressed? Nope, nope and nope.

People know that they shouldn't put their preacher on this pedestal; nor that is he perfect. In fact most preachers just need to point people, well, to Jesus.

So here is three things I think people want in their preacher.

I. Committed. A committed preacher to stay where they are. Committed to the Lord and to the local work. Pursuing to be Jesus' hands and feet to the World.

II. Caring - care for people. Care for the Lord. Put love into action.

III. Compassionate. Similar to caring but also be that listening ear. Compassion doesn't mean empathize but sympathy. Be there for the person but don't have to be that person. (Most times you are not them anyways) Being compassionate means displaying the Fruit of the Spirit ..."love, joy peace, patience ...."

So what do you think people want in their preacher? Thoughts?

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