Friday, February 17, 2012

Ignore the Hype and the Numbers.

I see a lot of guys blogging everyday, (I use to be that guy) and wanting to get fame and recognized. They spend lots of time on facebook or other social media sites and wanting people to read what they had written. Trust me Ignore the hype, ignore trying to get numbers. Write what you are passionate about and write to yourself and not to gain an "Audience."

Weird thing is one of my writings has ended up being published and now in a discount store: Ollies. I saw the book and my quote in it .... (The book was Making Sense of the Church BTW) ...I got thinking wow .... I'm no longer a celebrity. (Not that I ever wanted to be)

So for those that post and want to be a celebrity ....Forget about it. Write what you know. Don't blog every day. Get off the computer and be Jesus to others. (Fact is I'm saying this much so to myself than others). The internet is ONLY a tool ... it isn't the point. The point is to point others to Jesus. Though I love Social media ...there are times when we all need to take a break away from it. Ignore hyping your numbers, and thinking your the next great writer. Just Be who God wants you to be ... Be His hands and feet to a dying World .... And sometimes that means turning the OFF button well, OFF ...and having coffee with someone.

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