Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Precious Memories of Cathy Reese Newcomer.

Catherine M. Newcomer

I just finished reading Cathy Reese Newcomer's 3 books Precious Memories series.

(From Boonsboro Mountain) (The Rest of the Way) (A New Life).

I must say it gave me a great insight to Cathy's life and her family and people I serve near South mountain and the surrounding area. Her stories brought life, joy, and yet some tears.

The way she talkied about her mother, her family, and how God was in the midst of it all. It was a joy to have met Cathy and known her even though she was struggling with illness these last 3years of her life.

I do know her family and friends loved her. Charlie did as well.

It was good to hear stories about Janet Swain, Bryan Bailey and others that I can say I know that person. The testimony she leaves is one on how she depended on God and now is in the arms of a loving Savior. Thanks Cathy for the Precious Memories .... maybe your children will write Precious Memories 2.0

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