Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How the Disciples Began and Grew - MM Davis - A book Review!

I just finished reading "A short History of the Christian Church" published in 1915.

Several things stood out to me especially the quote from President Johnson of former Johnson Bible College now Johnson University ... pg. 171;

"President Johnson says we must do one of two things: train more preachers, or become a 'disappearing brotherhood' amd he prefers the former, and is doing his part in preacher-training." How true a Statement!!! Even for the 21st Century over 97 yrs later.

The other thing that stood out to me was on pg. 192

"Canada now has 100 churches, 10, 000 members, 90 ministers ..."

I don't know if that is true for today. (I'll have to do some research - but thinking it is less thus more of a mission field needed)

I loved reading this book, couldn't put it down. It helped this reader give reason why He loves the Restoration Movement and part of the plea ... and being who God called us to be.

May we stand firm on the principles of God's Word.

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