Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Why do Bad Things happen to Good people?

I get this question a lot. In fact I ask it myself. Why? why is there sin? Why do bad things happen?

Things I've asked myself:

1. Why did my friend have to die?

2. Why was my friend murdered?

3. Why did my Dad die?

4. Why did this disaster happen? (And the several I've helped with from 9-11 to several natural disasters)

5. Why do Christians sometimes shoot their own?

6. Why is this person going through this? (Social, mental, physical, spiritual issue)

And in answering I'm careful to not use some pat answer and say

I. It was for the best.

II. It was God's will.

III. It was for God's purpose and quote Romans 8:28

IV. I understand how you feel (Because really you don't)

One can empathize and relate but you are not that person; nor had that relationship that person did with the other.

So what is the answer:

I. I don't know.

II. I'm here for you.

III. I'll be praying.

IV. I know God's in control and will be praying.

V. Scriptures like: Job, and 2 Cor. 1:1-11. Knowing God uses others and others went through trials and tribulations as well.

VI. You are not alone.(See above)

VII. Just being there and listening and the ministry of Presence speaks volumes.

VIII. Be encouraging without being self-righteous.

In my own faith journey of this battle and continuing process of the "Why?" I've come to the "Why not?" and trusting God more.

such books as:

CS Lewis' The Problem of Pain.

The Four Things That Matter Most - Ira Byock

Tracks of a Fellow Struggler - John Claypool

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