Saturday, November 12, 2011

Two Lives - Two Different People but one BIG Difference.

This past week has been a tough week. I've helped with two funerals, assisted with a wedding, and was at a Remembrance (Tree Dedication) for a loved one (22yrs old - biggest funeral I ever done).

Anyways ...

Let me share with you two different people.

Let me introduce to you my friend, Paul. Paul was a follower of Jesus. He loved his family. He loved Jesus. We would talk about shows on the History channel, about hunting, and his family history. He loved his wife, kids, and most importantly Jesus. Paul knew where he was going to go. In the last days leading up to his death ... he was encouraging us. He knew where he was headed. So the former mayor of Jugtown is now in the arms of Jesus. It was an honor to help with his memorial service over a week ago.

Then there is my friend, Judi. Judi has for the last 14yrs been confined to a Nursing home. every week a group of guys would travel almost 30 miles (and fight over) seeing Judi.(Taking her home communion) She was a joy. Didn't have a lot of family. The Nursing Home became part of her family; as well as her church family. She loved her Mom, siblings, and daughter, Rhonda. She would tell stories. Such as being in the home was like being a princess. No cooking, laundry, and was waited on hand and foot. When they had to amputate her leg - her response: "Well, I wasn't using it anyways .." She loved Jesus. She was my prayer warrior. I had the honor of officiating her funeral this past week as well.

Paul and Judi were very different personalities but the ONE Big difference was they loved Jesus. Been a tough week ...but a joyful one as well ...Knowing that both Paul and Judi are now walking in the arms of Jesus. Pray for both these families.

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