Saturday, October 15, 2011

Tech Gadgets You Can use in Ministry!

We all love gadgets. We use them in ministry. Smartphones. Lap tops. etc.

Lately I've been thinking about not only APPs but what are those gadgets that I could not do without:

1. Scanner - scan documents, images etc. I use my flatbed scanner all the time to make videos etc. And use the software.

2. A good camera. I use some of the pictures I take for graphics, presentations etc.

3. USB cords. I have a variety of styles of USB cords for my printer, cameras etc. And keep them handy just in case.

4. A charger - for my nook, ipod, phone etc. Our electronics always need to be powered up and ready.

5. Ear phones. I use mine all the time.

6. Velcro Strips to organize the many wires, lines, and cables you have. (Not really a gadget but nice item)

7. Eternal Hard Drive - having a good one. I use flashdrives, external hard drive and an app called drop box to save some of my files on.

8. An Mp3 player. I love my ipod. I could do more with it ...but just love the songs and music I have.

Any other suggestions?

What gadgets do you love?

1 comment:

EYouthWNY said...

Eternal Hard Drive. Great first thing in the morning smile maker.

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