Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mormonism 101

Some Basic facts to Mormonism:

1. Started by a 14yr old Joseph Smith in 1820 ho had a vision of "resurrected being' named Moroni.

2. The "church" officially started in 1830 in NY with 6 members.

3. Believe the Bible is true "As long as it is translated properly."
The Mormon writings including: Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, The Pearl of Great Price have greater authority than the Bible/

4. Mormons believe God used to be a man. (Believe humans progress towards godhood and that we are now what God once was) In other words, can attain Godhood through obedience. OT heroes like Abraham, Isaac, Jacob already became gods.

5. Mormons at one time allowed men to marry several wives. (Stopped practice in 1890 though some branches continue this) Great emphasis on marriage, children and to "Multiply and fill the earth."

6. Mormons at one time did not allow African Americans to be priests. (lifted in 1978)
(This due to ole belief that descendants of terrible sinners Cain and Ham)

7. Jesus attained his Godhood because of His obedience in dying. (Not that He was God or the Son of God before this)

8. Key doctrine of Mormonism is Christ guaranteed eternal life to all beings. Those obedient and baptized spend eternity working toward Godhood in heavenly kingdom of God. Others spend in earthly kingdom, where they will have presence of Son (not the Father)

The Mormon Church or the Church of Christ of Latter Day Saints may claim Christians aren't being fair to them but there are definite differences between Mormonism and Christianity.

Some of the issues include:

The Sovereignity of God (Claiming He was once human alone like us)

The nature of God's presence

The nature of Jesus (Claiming He attained Godhood by his actions)

The authority of Scripture.

The sinful nature of humans (Claiming we can become gods)

The nature of salvtion (Eternal life to everyone rather than those who put their trust in Jesus)

Why are people drawn to Mormonism?

1. Family atmosphere.

2. Aggressive missionary efforts.

3. Clean cut, self-promoting atmosphere.

4. A reason to belong.


The Kingdom of the Cults - Walter Martin.

Can I know what to Believe? Custom Curriculum Cook Communications.

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Unknown said...

you mean to tell me your resources are from -- The Kingdom of the Cults ???? lol

go read the book of mormon, straight from the source, and then re-write this post, PLEASE !

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