Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Ministry for the Long Term.

I've been in ministry for over 16yrs. Married for over 14yrs. In my current ministry, as a preacher, for over 3yrs ... and yet some of my peers ask me:

"So you still at the same place?"Joking with me. When I was in youth ministry, there was this idea, and challenge that you were handling people's most precious treasures ... their children. There have been some great ministries I've had. (Always a good sign when you are invited back and left on good terms - that isn't so in all my ministies or for many of my friends)

Ministry is tough. Whether you are full time paid staff or volunteers. Ministry can be tough. But what I want to tell people is: don't give up, hang in there, the benefits far outweigh the grieve. The joys of ministry ... the honor of seeing people's lives changed is well worth it.

So as you are Jesus' hands and feet daily to people ....know this .... be in it for the long haul, don't give up. Make disciples God and love others.

See you Sunday.

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