Friday, October 28, 2011

Caring for the Lost, the Least, and the Leftout!

Yesterday I went to a seminar sponsored by the Spiritual Cares Department of Meritus Medical Center .... along with Brook Lane and Washington Cares.

One of the biggest issues of the Spiritual Care Conference is how do we know what resources are in our area, and what is the Church doing about it?

The Seminars presented where:

Identifying the Least, the Lost, and Left out.

Interviewing and getting the Info.

Identifying Community Resources.

And of course a model that has worked in another community.

The hardest part isn't all this information but the application and the real need:

Helping those hurting.

So what is the answer:

The conclusion of course was more meetings to help take this information and make it more practical.

I. Having a Centralized place to identify the resources out there for institutions, churches, ministries etc.

2. Accountability in those resources.

The hardest thing is some of the bureaucracy in the government agencies (And yes even in our churches and the red tape) And getting others on board. (Someone mentioned the politicians and law enforcement). It can seem to be an overwhelming task. Maybe this can bring some of the "Christian" community together to try to be the Hands and Feet of Jesus to the community.

I kept thinking has some of these people been reading: Servolution?

Right now we have a Big Resouce Guide called 211 but it isn't enough. So what resources or what does your community Do to help those in need?

We have a Food pantry and Clothes closet but really need to be more involved in our community. The question I'm askingis if our congregation on White Hall Rd ever went missing, would anyone notice?

I'm hoping they would and we would be Jesus' hands and feet to those hurting.

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