Friday, October 14, 2011

The ABCs of Worship!!

So what is Worship? How can one simply worship? Is it just music?

The ABCs of Worship is easy but complex.

1. Worship is not music.

2. Music can help us worship but in and of itself is not worship.

So what is worship?

1. Worship is showing love or adoration for something or someone. (Alot of people worship alot of things, stuff, people, TV shows, sports, busyness ..whether they like to admit it or not) What do you devote most of your time to? (That is probably what you worship the most)

3. Worship isn't a one time action .... Worship is a constant.

4. Worship is showing love and adoration or rather should be showing love and adoration for God.

So how does one go about showing love and adoration for God?

1. Be with God. Listen for Him. Pause. Be still. Pray and listen.

2. Be in His Word. Study. Pray. Read the Word.

3. Write. Journal. What is God doin in your life now.

4. Have things that help you concentrate on him. Read books, use media - internet, TV, radio, music, podcasts to help point you to Jesus.

5. Music is a tool. Helps point you to Jesus.

6. How you act - with God and others reflects your adoration. The way you drive, treat your family etc ...shows how you love God.

7. Not forsaking the assembly (Some call this going to Church ...I call it the Church coming together) so you can encourage others to share Jesus, make disciples, and not give up in their Christian Walk.

8. In the assembly - spending time in a corporate "Worship" setting.

So what is worship? Worship is what you do everyday to show your love for God by doing everything for Him. Is it easy? No.

So what are some ways we can Worship God? By being His Hands and Feet with others as well. Sharing with Him and sharing Him with others.

Worship in otherwords is fulfilling the Greatest Commandment and the Great Commission at once. So let's worship God by loving Him and loving others. I'm game; how about you?

The video here shows what some people are passionate about. What about you?

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