Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Joys of Ministry

The last few weeks of ministry have been a joy and yet considered hard work. I had recently done the following: 1. Funeral of a 22yr old. Celebrating her life and helping be the Hands and Feet of Jesus to a grieving family that needed to know the God of Comfort was there. 2. A Wedding of a former youth group member. Her wedding in North Carolina was an honor, blessing to do. Such a great family, and great memories to revisit and reflect upon. 3. A Baptism. As a result of ministering to the family (#1) - the mother - had decided to try to start her life anew and start by wanting to follow Jesus. How cool is that? 4. Ministering to a 93 yr old while in the hospital. Just being present - and helping a dear Saint who was coping with her health. 5. Seeing a newborn. A young couple in our church recently welcomed their second child. I had the chance of visiting them and seeing their latest little girl. Sharing the Joys of people's lives and being the hands and feet of Jesus have well been worth it. What Joys have you experienced?

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