Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Remember 9-11

Here is what I wrote only a few days after Sept 11 - Sept 15,2001

In a week, where healing, comforting and tragedy has overtaken us; the only words I find myself asking is "What can I do?" Than I found out I wasn't alone. Knowing God was in control; and uplifting prayers; and having prayer services; making phone calls to check on churches in DC and NY. Getting donated goods; getting people to donate blood ..but there has to be more. So without delay; last nite - a band of Christians left to deliver good to NY. A six hour drive. Left 8pm back before 3pm Saturday. In the several hours we spent dropping off goods; praying with others there; and seeing as close as we can the devastation ..I don't think I'll ever be the same.

It is worse than even what you see. In walking by Vincent Hospital ..the "lost" notices ....the New Yorkers telling their stories at 3am in the morning; and the scenes of police; workers; and heavy equipment being transported. I was wondering; and hoping; and praying. I'll never be the same. It was a memorable; sleepless; prayerful nite. One in which you sense evil; see good; and embrace and seek God.

 It took me a 10- 12 hour trip late last nite to find that my journey is different now. God is there even as the dust is settling in the midst of Manhattan. Picture, after picture is not just the faces on TV; but these were real; real to me. I talked with some; prayed with some. Hoping God used me; yet questioning; not having the answers; but knowing Who does. Just thought I'd share my adventures as a band of Christians late last nite dropped off some goods for the WTC relief. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

As I reflect after 10 years, where was I? I was in a Student Ministries of Virginia meeting when the phones started going off telling us to turn on the news. What we saw was devastating. Soon, we had to leave. One youth minister's wife worked near the Pentagon. Several were from VA Beach area and had to head home because the Naval Base and their families were being put on lock-down. It was a quiet ride home listening to the radio, wondering.

 I was a solo Minister of a church of over 100 and young, naive, and yet wondering Why? I left my pregnant wife to go to NYC to help later that week. We help our chapel open and several prayer services. Praying, seeking..

Through the years I would even meet the Beamers (Parents of Todd Beamer of Flight 93 "Let's Roll"). I had the opportunity to introduce their preacher at a local convention and the Beamers. It was quite an honor helping behind the scenes with one of the final North Carolina Christian Convention that year. (2005 I believe it was) Through it all God was in control. To this day, I can never forget some of the faces, people we prayed with, seeing

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