Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Getting Rid of "Second Church"

In talking with a friend .... he mentioned to me that "Hey did you know that in some areas the First Church was for Whites Only and Second for the African American community?" I did not know that nor could verify it. Though in looking online did see that the African American community and especially for the Restoration Movement - Christian Churches/ Churches of Christ could scarcely be found. This concerns me. The history of the church needs to be united in Christ not divided by colour.

So what is the answer? My radical solution would be that we bridge the gap. We stop making Sunday mornings the most segregated hour in America. We cross the racial barriers. It doesn't matter if you are red, yellow, purple or green ... what matters is people matter to God.

My other solution which would of course be met with some traditional and revolutionary revolts  ... is to change the names. Let's no longer have any churches in America be called First Christian, First Baptist, Second Christian or Second Baptist (or whatever number)First Church of  .....  instead in getting rid of the Numerical equation and classification of citizens (Whether this is intentional or not). I know some churches would take offense to this, others would claim it was never their intentions for that. Still the stigma and generalization is there. Each little town has a "First Type of Church" claiming their the first in town or classified with the former of my racial dividing issue. Perhaps, as we are in the 21st Century - it is time we rethink Why we are named as we are? Do you know why your church is named as such?

In Gordan MacDonald's book, Who Stole My Church, his fictional tale addresses some of this.

What are your thoughts? How is the congregation you attend crossing the racial tensions, and treating everyone as God would treat them. Maybe it is time we go back to the Golden rule - "Treat others as you like to be treated ..." Loving your neighbour. Wouldn't it be great that our churches be mixed with a blend of races; rather than racial divided? Afterall - Heaven is going to be that way ..."From every tribe, language, and nation ..." Rev. 5:9

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