Friday, August 05, 2011

Ego or Pride?

It is so easy to have an ego or let pride get the best of you in ministry. In a recent sermon I recalled a story of how a church let go another youth worker after a few months. A person pointed out "Be careful, you don't know both sides of the story." Which of course is true. (And BTW how many of you get that in the middle of your sermons?) To which I replied: "There is always "His side, their side, and somewhere between the 2 lies the truth." The point was basically we need to take care of the Church's leaders. Not because they know it all.(Because they don't- trust me) Nor because of their ego or pride ...but because of Who they serve. And not that they are treated like a hireling ..but as God's people would like to be treated.

Let's not fall into the trap of abuse or letting our church leader's ego get big but the church to:

1. Take care of your leaders. Love on them. Encourage them.

Here is a list of things you can do for your church leader if you need ideas
(Minister appreciation is in October so start planning now)

2. Pray for your leaders. Pray that they do the right thing.

3. Let there be accountability for your leaders. Not be a "One man show" (I just saw where a church was torn apart by a one man show in PA and now the church is looking for another preacher yet again ...)

4. Use discernment. If there is a disagreement use Matt. 18 as a principle. If you have to let someone go - do so with grace, mercy, and forgiveness in the best way possible.

5. If someone has a Pride issue - gently restore them.

I told the church I'm so busy lumbering out the forest in my own eye that I don't have time for the specks in others. what about you? Pride and Ego problem?

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Matt Murphy said...

Only when I get burnt out, tired and exhausted. Which will never happen now that I'ma youth pastor.

LOL> :)

I take pride when someone trashes my hard work. point out flaws endlessly... monday morning QB, etc. Love when people help problem solve on the front end, encourage, exhort and rebuke in private to my face... otherwise, i wonder why they aren't playing nice.

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