Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Sick of all the "Vision" Talk.

There I said it. People keep asking what's your church's vision? Where will

you be in 5 years? Even in a newsletter I got this week says "The Bible tells us where there is no vision the people cast off restraint, they perish. Vision is crucial to the life and quality of your church or organization."

Its a myth. A lie. All the planning and purpose driven mission statements and having direction in your church won't give you Vision. Not at least in the way they defined it as . Vision as being that of having some sort of plan or purpose for the future. Vision isn't all it is cracked up to.

We use some old King James version verse to support our theological thinking of we need a "Business" vision. As if we can build the "Church" on our own. And that it is as easy as 4 steps. It isn't. Proverbs 29:18 is more easily translated "Where there is no revelation, the people cast off restraint, but blessed is he who keeps the law." Seems we forget the later part of that verse ALOT. Talk about contextualization. In other words in this little proverb .... Where there is no Revelation ...people perish. Or in other words where there isn't the Word of God ... people perish. (Unlike what Rob Bell would like you to think)

Our vision is based upon the Word of God. Proclaiming the Word of God. Making Disciples .... no more, no less. None of these purpose driven, vision, 5 , 10 year plans help without dependence on the Word of God. Ultimately it is up to God to give the increase - otherwise we would boast of our GREAT VISION statements and say "Look at what we did ..." rather than say "Look at what God did ..." So let's stop with the Vision talk and start with what God is talking about.

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Davon said...

Hi Gerrard,

Amen to that!


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