Friday, June 17, 2011

Who is to Blame? The Schools or the Church?

Seems there is a debate on Christian Colleges and Universities not putting out enough church leaders. We need more preachers, more youth ministers is the Cry. But who is to blame? Or is there one?

With the Just One Challenge

There remains some interesting facts:

1. Every month over 1500 church leaders leave the ministry.

2. The US is the fourth largest mission field in the world.

3.Each year 3,500 churches in America close their doors.

That just from this Site

So our churches are complaining - "well 'schools' aren't putting out enough church leaders." Where are the preachers, the youth ministers, the children's directors?

The schools response is : "Well, where are the students that you are sending our way so that they may be trained?"

A very good question. Not everyone is called to full time Christian service. Not everyone can serve in that vocation ... but can serve in other venues. As I've always said ... "We need more Christians in ALL FIELDS." So what are the schools and Churches to do?

1. Recognize the value of the ministry.
2. Recognize the value and sacrifice those that serve in our Christian colleges, universities play.
3. Recognize the value of Campus ministry, and keeping our young adults strong as they pursue their vocation but also help in their own spiritual growth.
4. Not just recognize those values; but partner with these organizations... partner by:

I. Prayer Support.

II. Financial Support.

III. Time. Give some of your time to encourage young adults as they are in college.

IV. Talents: Schools always need repairs, cooks, writers etc. Use your talents to support the ministry the school is trying to do. Just ask. I've never seen a ministry turn down someone's talents to support.

The Harvest is plentiful; but the workers are few. It seems we have a lot of work to do. Instead of blaming each other for the problem ... how about we partner together to fix it? Thus, we tell the world that the Kingdom of God is bigger than any one school, church, or ministry. What schools, and ministries is your church currently supporting?

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Laura said...

I like what you had to say.
We were all made in the eyes of God... He has his own plan for each of us. The talent we have may not be the same but is equally important to serve our paths where ever they might lead us.

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