Friday, June 10, 2011

Ministering in the midst of a Fire.

I woke up this morning with news that a home around our church was burnt to the ground. Article
One of the church family gave me a call and told me. I stopped by this morning ... talked with the family and basically told them two things:

1. We're praying for them. Which we are.

2. If they need anything - let us know. (Our church tries to bend backwards to be Jesus' hands and feet. (We're not always perfect at it but am trying to be Jesus to others.)

My heart breaks when people are in the midst of tragedy ... and the media circus focuses on politics, or someone's disgrace .... (Let's not even talk about Mr. Hotdog) and we forget things like Haiti, Alabama, Joplin, floods, earthquakes in Japan ...and get on with life as normal. We have a hurting world out there ... We, as Christians, need to offer people Hope. My prayer is we did that today to a local family.

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