Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Men's Retreat, Leadership Conference and You ...

The last few days have been a world wind of adventure.

I went to our camp's Men's Retreat and got to hear an Allegience Quartet. Art Bush, JD Seagroves, Chuck S. and Jerry Timbrook sing. Then hear about what it meant to be pursuing Jesus ... a good time.

Sunday we had a great service. Praying for people; and for them to be Jesus' hands and feet to the world. We had one family that just wanted to have us pray for them.

That evening ... my family had the chance with other church leaders in the area to have dinner and just sit and listen to Ben Merold and Tom Ellsworth. Funny thing was the Question and Answer session focused on how their wives views ministry and was encouraging to the wives that were there. (Mine included). It seemed like only minutes passed by and we noticed it was hours ...a good time.

On Monday (of course we heard the news about Osama with mixed reaction ... ) Had 4 great sessions on the Dangerous Church on Churches, Leadership, Choices and Calling. Well worth it. Alot of good information, encouragement of why ministry is so needed.

Today I'm just trying to really chew on what I heard and the adventure to begin ....

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Noteable Scraps said...

I realize this post is almost a year old and I just came across it, but I happened to notice the names in the men's quartet together and thought I sure would have liked to hear them! Great guys! :)