Thursday, May 26, 2011

How to Write a Book Proposal - A Review.

Disclaimer: I got this book Free as a Preview for my E-reader (Nook)

Anyways ... Lots of people have told me - You should write a book. I've thought about writing a book. I have had several friends write books: Len Evans, Marko, Adam M, Matt. M, Dan K, Tim M And I've been mentioned in a few books and quoted as such. I, even, am listed as an author on Youth Specialties' Website
So I had much interest in reading this book. Mostly not due to me writing a book proposal but others and others concerning it. (My friend, Deanna)

As I've been reading this book I thought of Tom Evans' much shorter version book called How to Write a Great Book and Get it Published.

Anyways ...How to write a book proposal is a practical insight guide - must use guide for those wishing to get their ideas from paper to book form and published. In other words is How to Get a book proposal for Dummies edition.

The author goes through the basics of why write? Why you? Why the Propsal? Selling it, the value of your book and the audience, who is it to be marketed to? What is the community, platform? Making the most with technology out there and how you as the author is going to promote the book.

The author's guide is a good one for anyone interested in writing and having their own book published. As for me ... I'm just taking my time and doing my writing one word at a time. Best to pick up this copy when you can.

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