Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Audacity of a Question.

The audacity of a question ... a "Christian" telemarketer wanted to know where a former staff person was ... I almost said "Oh, they're no longer in ministry ..." but I didn't. I didn't really respond other than "They are no longer here .."

Fact is there is no such thing as no longer serving in ministry. If we're Christians, and working - whether in a paid "position" or not ...we're all doing ministry. In fact the Bible seems to support that of the priesthood of all believers, and we're all to be doing ministry. Some of us just get the double portion of getting to teach and preach and being a worker worthy of this honor.

Ministry has its UPs and DOWNs. It is not meant for sissies. You have to have tough skin ... It is probably the toughest job you'll ever love. You get to see people at their best; and people at their worse. You get to see the joys, tears, fears, and share in life together.

Some of my best moments have been doing ministry; some of my worse moments have been doing ministry. Those graduating and going into full time Christian service and being paid for it ...should know this "Warning: This could be dangerous to your own health - your family's health - be sure to guard your spiritual life; and your family's." Sheep have fangs at times.

There is also the joys of ministry. Working with some GREAT people. Sharing joys of kids, weddings, baptisms. Grieving with families - yet rejoicing because of heaven.

So what do you do with questions? Sometimes it is best to not answer ...recognize the joys of ministry and that it is well worth it.

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Anonymous said...

AWESOME! Very nicely put.

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