Friday, April 29, 2011

why I Watched the Royal wedding.

A lot of people watched the Royal Wedding. Some were mocking it; others were in awe. I admit it was a historical moment. As one who grew up under a constitutional monarchy ... it had some connections for me. (And if you been living under a rock I'm talking about the Wedding of Prince William (Grandson of Queen Elizabeth the Second to Kate Middleton)

Here is why I watched:

1. It is culture ... it will be a conversational started and even help point people to Jesus ... how you ask?

Because of the Church aspect; the Royalty aspect and looking forward to the Ultimate Wedding.

2. The Analogy  of Christ and His Church.

3. The aspect of Marriage.

4. The dream of Prince Charming and the Princess. Every little girl wants hope ... wants to be that princess.

5. The celebration of a Joyful occasion. Too often we hear bad news, how bad this politician is; how bad that politician is ...isn't it nice to have something positive in the news ... Maybe our news channels need to ACTUAL report the Positive things what the CHURCH is, and Should be doing in their communities being the Hands and feet of Jesus ... (wouldn't that be a change?)

6. It helped one appreciate life. Sure, everyone was watching ..meanwhile people had died (over 300) in the storms in the south.  (And people complained about that - yet I don't hear about the over 1400 women die each day ... due to poverty source: )

7. It gives a Future. Not only a future for the monarchy .... but also hope in our tough times. When we ask people .... did you see the Royal wedding .... we can point them to the ROYAL Wedding of Christ and His Bride.

8. It gives us (as the Church) to be the BRIDE - that Christ would want is to be. (see #2)

9. It gives us opportunity to share scripture. did you know what Kate Middleton's brother was reading? Do you know where that comes from? What book? Who that was written to?

10. And to share stories ...This one wasn't in the PR but was interesting that a former homeless teen was invited to attend.


what about you? did you watch? Not watch? why or why not?

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Paul del signore said...

Good thoughts. I watched it because it's good to have some positive news sometimes.

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