Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Top 11 Church Leaders/ Ministers that Influenced me.

Here are some church leaders that took a chance on me - and saw potential in me.

I. Terry Tanner. Along with the elders, and youth ministers that were there ... Terry took a chance on me. Someone, as I was growing up ... I was like Elisha .... if only I could have half or be half the godly man he was. (I know he wasn't perfect ... but do know he loved his family, and loved God ... and boy I wanted to be like that)

II. Scott Jacobsen. His scholarship, being a missionary at first, helping at camp and the vision he had for lost people in the Hamilton area.

III. Nelson Deuitch - Nelson was one of the first ones that took a chance on me teaching. I taught on the story of the James and being patient.  This helped shape me in youth ministry - all from a little lesson at camp.

IV. Jim Cormode. Jim's family had an impact. From camp to OCS ...

V. David Dyke. His week's of camp helped challenge, encouage me to be the man of God ..God called me to be.

VI. Monty Smith - their vision to help those who need healing. Thea and Monty were great encouragers.

VII. Mike Siemens. Mike was an Associate at my home church while I was in college struggling. He was a good resounding board.

VIII. Guthrie Veech.  - Probably one of the best supporters I had that kept telling me "don't quit" Hang in there. There is grace, forgiveness and God is great. I loved picking his brain, and the short chats we had.

IX. Steve Hill and Richard Clark. Those Youth Ministry classes were probably the most intense I ever had.

X. Ministers I worked with. Each one brought a different perspective in my life. One said to listen, others helped me when I fell short, others on serving, and others to lead. I value each man of God. From Jerry to Roy to Mike, David, and Dan. I enjoyed the men I worked with during my college years who spoke into my life: Louis Styons and Jim Wismer.

XI. Ministerial Groups. From Ohio to Seminary to Richmond, Raleigh and now my current Fusion Group. These groups were more than just a minister's report and comparison. It was a partnership and support group for those in ministry. We prayed together, laughed together, and cried together. I never forget the disc golf, the hurt who one minister in Raleigh's wife's health was declining. A powerful moment when several dozen ministers stood up at Harvey Powell's funeral and the impact of his life had on other ministers. The current Fusion Group I'm a part of that supports and encourages me. I've learned more from these groups in almost all my 4 years of college combined. It was the school of hard knocks.

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