Sunday, April 24, 2011

Top 10 History Figures that have Influenced me.

(Besides those in the Bible and especially Jesus - here are some history figures that have influenced me) What about you?

I. Alexander Campbell. (The Restoration Movement of which I love)

II. Winston Churchill - leadership.

III. Pierre Trudeau - being a pioneer.

IV. Ronald Reagan. Dealing with conflict.

V. St. Francis of Assisi- being a living sermon.

VI. Thomas Campbell. Doing what is right - even if unpopular.

VII. Amos Clendenon. Was the first to preach the Ancient gospel to Selkirk then called Rainham. pg. 464 (History of Disciples since 1830s) Sam Fess was an aide to get the church started.

VIII. C.S. Lewis. His writings - along with JRR Tolkien's helped influence me to be a reader, writer, and to use my imagination for God.

IX. Martin Luther. One document changed the church.

X. Isaac Errett. His writings and leadership helped us with the current magazine we have in the Christian Standard.

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