Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Top 10 Gadgets for Ministry

People love gadgets. It seems in a lot of ways technology has helped enhance ministry. To do it more effectively. With cell phones, texting, the internet ... (Invented by Al Gore of course) there is a lot to do. But what gadgets should a church leader have to be effective?

Here are some suggestions:

I. A Cell phone. Use it to text, take pictures, surf the web, and of course make phone calls. You don't have to have the latest and greatest ... but use it wisely. Get a good data plan. Unlimited text, data, calls helps. Otherwise you'll be paying more in the long run. shop around.

II. A computer - preferably a laptop. (Now here is where some of my friends will get into the MAC vs. PC debate - but before you buy ask yourself what am I going to use it for? Do I need to invest in that much into something that become obsolete the moment I buy it? ) Most use laptops for word processing, documents, brochures, videos, and surfing the web. If you need to do more than that ..get others to do it for you. Delegate.

III. External Hard drive and flashdrives. (USB thumb drives) Sure with and even some online storage places (Carbonate etc) just make sure you have a source to back up your files. The Internet can crash, so can your computer (Yes even MACS have problems) putting your pictures just on facebook doesn't count)

IV. A Scanner. Something to scan documents, pictures and to efit them. I have a scanner that converts from jpg to pdf and vice versa.

V. A printer. Have a good printer. Investigate what the cost is. Sure the printer might be free, but how much is the ink? How soon do you need new ink cartridges. I have one printer that seems to eat ink for lunch. And another I buy the expensive cartridge but lasts me all year. So compare and shop. (sometimes you can even get a printer/ scanner combination)

VI. Video Camera. Preferably a Flip. A flip is basically a video camera for dummies. It has a "On" button" Record, play and delete button. Not too complicated ... so others can shoot videos for you, and the software is easy to use.

VII. A Camera. Take pictures. Lots of pictures. My flip and phone I use for pictures as well. Also it helps when you have someone in your church that enjoys photography and you can just drop those pictures into a slide presentation and show them on Sunday after the event.

VIII. MP3 Player. I use my Ipod to play videos, music etc.

IX. An E-reader. - I-pods touches, I-pads, Nooks, Kindles, I-phones ... make it easier to carry books, and especially God's Word with you now.

X. Various External Cords: Power surge strip, usb converters for laptop to TV and vice versa, plugs for mp3 player to sound system, video output for various devices have saved time. Sometimes I person says "Hey I found this video on youtube and saved it on my I-pad, or etc ...and like to play ..." having the available resources has saved some time.

Some other items:

Ink Cartridges.
External Speakers for your MP3 or computer.
DVD/ Blue Ray Player.

Any others you would suggest?

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