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Some Talk Shows have it wrong!!

Been listening to the controversy over Burning the Koran

and othernews
iIt is  not only this "Guest" citing

"The thing to keep in mind that`s very important here is that the Koran to Muslims, it is not — it is not the same as the Bible to Christians. The Bible is a book written by men. It is acknowledged by Christians that it is written by men. It`s the story of Jesus"

But hearing other Talk show host saying that as if it were fact.

Some theologians may be believe that but to lump all Christians to this, is wrong, false and puts a False view of the Bible.

The Bible was not merely written by men. sorry it wasn't. It was inspired by God. Written by over 40 different individuals. (Perhaps one was a woman but that's another debate for another time) but there is one author, one Writer: God. The Bible is God's story to Man. It is about us. It is infallible, inerrant Word of God to say otherwise would be downplaying it. We're awed by the Word, inspired by it, but also should be terrified by it. I believe in all of it. If I didn't then it wouldn't be God's Word would it? I don't worship the Bible, but let its Words change me because it points me to the "Word that became Flesh."
The Guest's quote there is both right and wrong. We don't value the Bible, like we should. We have watered it down. We have marketed it. We have the men's, women's, children's pet's rock's food for living devotional baptist type bibles. (No wonder non-believers make fun of us?). The Koran cannot be compared to the Bible. Why? Because the Koran to Muslims and in Islam is as if from Allah himself; yet it isn't.(We could go into a more deeper debate of the perspective of Islam but I'll let that alone for now) The Bible is God's Word to man.
The Bible went through a canonization process:

Many modern Protestants point to the following four "Criteria for Canonicity" to justify the selection of the books that have been included in the New Testament:

1.Apostolic Origin — attributed to and based upon the preaching/teaching of the first-generation apostles (or their close companions).

2.Universal Acceptance — acknowledged by all major Christian communities in the ancient world (by the end of the 4th century) as well as accepted canon by Jewish authorities (for the Old Testament).

3.Liturgical Use — read publicly when early Christian communities gathered for the Lord's Supper (their weekly worship services).

4.Consistent Message — containing a theological outlook similar to or complementary to other accepted Christian writings.

Talk show hosts need to stick to politics. This pandering and misunderstanding of what the Bible is, and is not is just adding confusion and sends a Wrong message about Christianity. Though I disagree with Terry Jones's antics (and his 15 minutes of fame). Let us get beyond this and continue to love our enemies, love God and be a witness to the world while proclaiming that the Bible is God's Word; not merely written by men but inspired by God.

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