Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Process of Searching for Church Staff.

Several people ask what is the process for a search committee for a minister? Whether it be a full-time, part-time, preacher, youth or whatever.

One of the problems with the search process is also one of the positives - for the church - it is the committee is usually made up of volunteers. Most churches have great volunteers. And that includes your Search Committee. And thus time is very limited, but can be very rewarding.

Here is the process we have looked at for our context.

I. Post Job Description AD on various sites, and colleges ... network, Have a clear written AD with contact info where to submit resume.

II. Review Resumes. (Each resume acknowledge received it, and time frame get back to them)

     Like Candidate - send questionaire.
     Dislike - send polite no Thank you letter.

III. Questionaire - like answers - committee arranges Skype interview or visit if location allows.

                              dislike answers - send polite no thank you letter.

IV. Perform Interview or site visit with committee.
                           - like interview and visit - have applicant complete application to obtain experience profile, social security number for background check and references names and contact information and reference letters. (at least 3)
-dislike interview or visit send a polite, no thank you letter or call for a more personal touch.

V. Complete Background check and References.
    - like responses/ references - arrange for visit to church
    -dislike responses/ references - send polite, no thank you letter.

Also the candidate needs will have after Questionnaire (Church profile) During interview stage - ask questions about the church, and for this stage needs to ask for our references as well which includes references of other staff, other churches in the area, ministers, and former staff of the church.

VI. Bring for a Visit to the church - the visit will include the candidate staying with members of the church and participating in weekend activities that affect their ministry.

If like the candidate - can discuss an offer (Though in the Interview question stage a salary range will be given)

If concerns with the candidate we will provide that feedback.

VII. Set aside a day to Fast and Pray and a time frame (Usually within a week) to conclude if both parties agree to this being where God would have them to be.

(Some churches vote on their candidate, some their process looks different ... and some even look to hire within ....)

Some books to consider:

How to Choose a Youth Pastor

Ministry Staff Member

The Church Leader's Answer book

Applying for Your First Church - David Enyart.

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