Friday, April 08, 2011

Pointing out the Issues at "Other Churches"

Ah, the good ole comparison game. Remember middle school or better yet elementary school? Well, my dad can beat up your Dad  ... or my toys are better than yours. Or comparing apples to oranges. Or if the train arrives at 4pm from NY and another arrives from Philly at 8pm ..How old am I? Its all crazy.

Well, it seems we've come to that in churches too. So how big is your youth group? How big is your church?  I hear Such and Such church has gone liberal or isn't preaching the truth. I hear that this church down the road is growing because they are just tickling other people's years.

Here's some advice: STOP IT!!!!! Stop complaining. Stop comparing. Stop pointing out what you think other churches are doing. (Most who do this don't know first hand, and yes I'm guilty of this too) who appointed you judge and jury? God is the ultimate Judge. (I'm so glad He is too)

If we're so busy doing the work God has called us to do where we are, we won't have time to point out the flaws of other "Churches." Seems people just want to complain and moan without having a basis or backbone to going to those church leaders first.

Next time you hear someone complain (let's be real and call it what it really is ...Gossip) about another congregation, tell them to stop. Pray for that church. Pray for your church. That the church would be doing what God has called us to do.

Let's stop with the Middle School Antics. Afterall, we're the Bride of Christ; there are bigger battles to wage than to point out the speck in a brother's eye ...meanwhile the log in your own.

Does this mean ... we don't preach truth? No. It means we stand for Truth. We stand for God's Word. We preach all of it. We point out false doctrine.  I don't think I can be the policeman of every church, nor should I. I think we preach the Word. In season and out of season. Let's reflect how we can be better at being Jesus' hands and feet and reaching our community for Christ ... and not this comparison game. Afterall, people matter, numbers matter, God matters. Eternity is at stake.

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