Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lessons from Bob Pierce

""Let my heart be broken by the things that break the heart of God."

— Bob Pierce

A generation ago this is what Bob Pierce wrote in the margin of his Bible. That directive ordered his life.

Here are some things I found from

Lookout Magazine August 14,2005 editon

"For 20 years, he traveled to Korea, Africa, China, India, and Europe saving
souls, housing orphans, and building hospitals. Through his documentary
films, radio broadcasts, and personal appearances, he awakened the social
consciousness of an entire generation of American Christians. In the process he
formed a worldwide relief organization, World Vision, which continues to be an
effective Christian relief agency.The man’s name was Bob Pierce.

But while Bob Pierce was reaching the world, he was losing his family. He had
accepted the believable lie, “If I take care of God’s business, God will take care
of my family.” His all-consuming work kept him away from home for months
at a time. Relational distance increased as time with his family decreased.
Eventually he became frustrated, even hostile, toward his family and in time was legally separated from his wife. One child committed suicide; another married prematurely and was shortly divorced. Soon even his closest associates found it impossible to work with him.

Consequently, they removed him from
the organization he had created. Bob
Pierce became a bitter and reclusive man,
suffering severe bouts of depression. On his deathbed he experienced one evening of reconciliation with his alienated wife and family. He died at peace, but his family life, in many ways, was still in pieces."

Some lessons from Bob Pierce:

1. Be careful what you pray for.

2. Priorities.  - God, family, then ministry (I have to continually remind myself of this and balance)

3. You only have one life .... live it wisely -

4. Be compassionate.

5. Be serving. Be willing to be Jesus' hands and feet to a lost world.


Anonymous said...

My relative, David Wolf, founded Wolfsville, and I've been up to Black Rock only once as a kid. I no longer live in the area. I heard the trail up was on private land now and the trail is closed to the public. Is that true? Is there another way up to the Rock?

Gerrard Fess said...

You can access the trail from the court there. Either going 2 miles up or on the AT path as well. The only private property is nearby and I gave notice a few days to neighbours that I was hiking the trail for the day so if they saw my vehicle nearby. The Trail can be accessed also from the Appalachian Trail also and camp sites not far from where Black Rock is.

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