Monday, February 07, 2011

When Looking for a New Ministry

I wrote this for a youth ministry blog  several years ago  ... going to post some of my favourite posts in the next few days from that blog ...this is from 2006:

For those of you who are currently looking for a new ministry remember a few things.

1. Interview the Church thoroughly.

2. If a church acts like its a privilege just to grace their pulpit, then walk away.

3. If you feel like your getting the 3rd degree then walk away.

4. If they will not give you a copy of the past 3 years budgets, then don't even go to the interview.

5. If they act a little skiddish when talking about pay, then pay attention to that.

6. Ask them what an acceptable yearly increase should be.

7. Make sure they completely define your role before you walk in the door.

8. Ask if any 1 person runs the church and then watch everyones body language very carefully.

9. Ask every leader who interviews you what they exactly do in the church. This will allow you to see how motivated they really are.

10. If you are frustrated by the overall process of one church, then walk away. Spend a lot of time in prayer and make sure that you only proceed in God's good timing.

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