Friday, February 25, 2011

The Market on End Time Views

Seems everyone nowadays has an opinion of the view of Eschatology or the End Times.

From the 4 views of interpreting Revelation (Preterist, idealist, historicalist, futurist) to the more than five views of the End Times.

I. Pre-millennialism

II. Pre-millennial Dispensationalism

III. A-millennialism

IV. Post-millennialism

V. Pan-millennialism.

The book, The Four Views of the Millennial comes in Handy - edited by Robert C.

Also This Article
gives some brief input into the End Times Views.

Even our Restoration Founders - Barton W. Stone and Alexander Campbell had differing views (Barton - pre-mill. - Campbell - Post) And then there is the post, pre, mid- tribulation camps within several of the views.

I'm more of a pan-millennialist with A-millennium tendencies. (How's that for a mouthful? or rather I'm a Historical-Futurist with Pan-millennial tendencies of A-millennialism of a semi-pelagianism insight though won't label me as such and beat the whole the Old Light Anti-Burgher Seceder Presbyterian of Thomas Campbell.)

Does one have to be right on their Eschatology views to Enter Heaven? (Soteriology) is the discussion of the End times one of those non-essentials where one can agree to disagree. Though I would point out people are right to be wrong. In fact, several would point out that my pan-millennialism would be a copout. And yes, that would be correct. I really don't care. Really ... Why? Because I don't have the arrogance to claim I know better than the Father. not even the Son knows the Day or time.

I do know this though:

I. We need to be Ready.

II. We need to be Faithful.

III. We need to be a witness.

Why? Because in the end, God wins.

What makes me made is people having it all figured out ... and making books and selling them as if they do. And people that have done such, or having it all figured out ... mock or claim other views unbiblical.

I don't think I have it all figured out, but do like what several scholars have written on the subject lately from one of our sister schools in Illnois.

So is an End times View one for you to not have fellowship with another believer because you disagree how the end is going to happen?

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