Monday, January 31, 2011

NHL All Star Game 2011

Here are my thoughts to the All-Star Game.

I. The Draft brings a new twist to it. I liked it. Though the hosts, and the analyzing I could of done without.

II. There should of been also an old alumni All-Star Draft ... imagine Team Wayne Versus Team Mario?

(They don't have to play but would be interesting to see who those guys draft and do a computer style game with social media people partaking ... just a thought and have them there as well during the SuperSkills Day)

II. The Skills competition was great. I got to see some of it. Ovie just is hilarious.

III. The Game itself was amusing. High scoring game. (I don't suspect a shutout any time soon)
Having Jeff Skinner there was GREAT. I think it helped celebrate what the NHL is all about.

Here are some thoughts:

I. Be good to celebrate the History of the NHL.

II. Have online broadcast as well. Not everyone has Versus.

III. Be good to have Sid and Ovie on the same team, wouldn't it?

Think it did well in Raleigh. I am kicking myself for not going. I've been to an NHL Draft, playoff games, the Hall of Fame, and eventually would love to go to an All-Star Game. (wonder if they have any pucks with 2011 All-Star Game left? Would love one for my collection)

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