Wednesday, January 05, 2011

2010 Reflections and Goals.

As I look back to 2010  ...  Here are some Highlights for me:

I. Getting to send support to the Dominican.

II. Our VBS was a blast. Brought our people together.

III. Baptisms never get old.

IV. People expecting babies. My "sister" Katie is having her child soon. Congrats to her and Caleb.

V. Going to South Dakota on a Missions Trip where I wasn't a leader. Amazing trip - where God did some amazing things.

VI. Performing a wedding ceremony for former youth group members from a church over 15yrs ago. What an honor ... and for my family to participate as well.

VII. Getting to be mentored and coached by a fellow preacher.

VIII.  The honor to do a memorial for Sweet Families honoring their loved ones.

 IX. The Chance to preach and be a living sermon.

X. My family. With all the kids back in school, and my great wife ... it has been a joy.

Here are some goals I have to 2011:

I. I Would pray more. A giving, and living and breathing church is a praying church.

II. That my dash mark wouldn't be about me - but about Jesus. If I were to die today - may it be said that I wasn't that great, but boy, was his God Great.

III. I live a life of balance. Seems either I'm too much off balanced.

IV. Plan ahead more.

V. Be the Leader God wants me to be.

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