Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mountains N Molehills - Oh, My!!

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Here is a portion  of the Article I liked Very Much: (Let's keep pointing people to Jesus)

For many years Jack Ballard led Mount Carmel Christian Church in Stone Mountain, Georgia. One year before Jack’s death in 2007 he wrote a letter to his close friend, Wayne Smith, who enjoyed a lengthy tenure as the senior minister of Southland Christian Church in Lexington, Kentucky. Wayne shared with me a copy of Jack’s letter and permission to share it. Here’s what Jack wrote to his long-time friend:
The wave of change comes as relentlessly as ocean tides. You and I have seen a lot of it. We’ve been part of it. Now I am old and adjusting to it is extremely difficult. I really believe the gates of Hell will not prevail against the Lord’s church in the face of changes these young preachers are bringing. It has survived you and me.
Ah, yes, I don’t like the informality. I don’t like the new music. I don’t like the long hair and no socks. I don’t like the ear rings. I don’t like Saturday night services. I don’t like the darkened auditoriums. I don’t like applause. I don’t like silly dramas. I don’t like words on a screen. I don’t like the preacher not sitting on the platform. I don’t like backup singers. I don’t like ball-caps in church. I don’t like men serving the Lord’s Supper in short sleeves. I don’t like people holding up their hands. I don’t like the NIV as much as the King James Version. I don’t like . . .
Whoa, all the above would be classified as opinions, right? Here I am, an old man, wanting the world to adjust to my likes and dislikes. The big question is, ‘Is Christ being preached? Is the Lord’s Supper being served? Is baptism still performed in the ancient and biblical way? Is the Lord still exalted? Is the Bible still accepted as authoritative? Are elders still being honored as men of integrity? Are people being won to Christ?’ The answer is ‘Yes.’

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