Saturday, December 04, 2010

A Ministry Idea

Here is an idea you can use. I have done this recently and think it is a good habit. After my funeral message, I have asked the family if they wished a copy of my message and would send it to them for their own records. Why do I do this? One for closure. People like to have something special and remember their loved one in their final good-byes. Secondly it helped showed I cared to give them a copy and that extra something they can cherish. And finally it says you're trying to be helpful in people's time of need. Don't forget to follow-up on those hurting and griefing.

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Paul Wilkinson said...

Not to mention the fact that at times like this, a person's thought can be a million miles away, and while they seemed to be politely listening, they were possibly not able to process everything you said.

This way they can read it later.

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