Wednesday, December 29, 2010

50% off Christ

Saw this sign. (Actually it said 50% off Christmas merchandise  - but that's another rant on the commercialism of Jesus)

Yet it is so true. 50% off Christ. We treat Jesus as if He is someone we can only use half the time, or when it is convenient. Don't expect me to be changed, or to be the Hands and Feet of Jesus everyday - Sundays is just fine for me, right? Wrong.

Jesus wants all of us. He died for all of us. Can you imagine if God said "OK Jesus, you carried your cross - you were halfway there .. you really have nothing left to proof - you don't have to die from the Cross, or raise from the dead. Only doing things halfway? Ridiculous.Yet that is how some people treat the God of the Universe. Only when it fits into their schedule. Oh, we don't have to goto Christmas Services or the Day after Christmas because we were just at the facility on Christmas Eve.

We make Jesus, or rather our Christianity into something of convenience rather than life changing, transformation, disciple-making, changing the world inside out, and letting God do the changing. The biggest problem is it all comes down to pride. I'm just as guilty. We treat God as a genie; rather than the Great "I AM." Let's stop the whole wussification of our Christianity and start living it.

We should no longer ask, "Want some donuts and coffee with your Jesus?" But start being the Church God has called us to be. Afterall, Jesus gave 100% of Himself ...not a 50% off discount. The least we can do is give back 100% to the One who first Loved us.

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