Thursday, November 04, 2010

Wild at Heart - John Eldredge - A Review.

So its been almost 10 years since the first "Wild at Heart" came out. The book talks about the secret of a man's soul. It isn't football, sports, nor food.  This is a revised and expanded version.

The author, John Eldredge, basically is writing this book as to his own children. It is getting away from the whole society thinking of the wussification (My Words - not his) of what manhood is, and isn't.

The author tends to want you to know how masculine journey should go about. How it unfolds From "Boyhood to Cowboy to Lover to King to Sage. all in the course of about eighty years or so ..." pg. 246.

In reading this book ... I had a hard time following some of the logic and context of the scripture verses he was using.  His book is very similar to the one I read called "No more Christian Nice Guy"

John Eldredge, does well, to cause us to continue to dream, as when we were little boys and try to define what is a Christian man. The problem I have is not every Christian man is called to be exactly like the author nor will they go through all the stages he gives. A very insightful book. I never read the first edition ...but am glad I have this in my library of sorts. I would give a 3 out of 5.

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