Friday, November 05, 2010

Colors of God

So a professor, a pastor, and a counsellor walk into a  .... Almost sounds like a running joke? right?

The three authors presenting this book are from a different background ... planting a church in Canada.

The church neXus is based on 4 main ideas represented by colors. Blue stands for the gospel, green for healthy living, red for community, and yellow for culture. For each of these topics, the authors seemed to be trying to be outside the box, but really isn't something new.  They try to distant themselves from the Emerging Church movement. (Which I think they mean emergent and misunderstand what emerging church was, is  ....) They have an informal dialogue - conversation on the different colors and what they believe in (Though it is interesting from Canada that the book is called Colors of God and not Colours but that's just semantics)

The conversations they have about being the church is one that we all must have and examine. How do we go about being the Church? What is it about presenting the Gospel? How does one take care of the temple? How does on establish community in our own fast paced world of social media and sometimes phoniness. The quote "Authenticity begets authenticity and phoniness begets phoniess." sometimes hits home.

How does the culture affect us and we it? Tough questions we need to ask. I think I might have to re- examine this as an ongoing conversational piece of work in progress rather than a book to be read. A definitely examining piece of where is the church, and where is God in our world today?

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