Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hurting Youthworker Wanted!!

Too often I see that AD. Hurting youthworkers wanted. Apply within so we can hurt you again. I know the old urban legend of its 18mths and the youthworker jets to the next church. I'm wondering though, there are too many hurting youthworkers, too many churches that have fangs. And too few people to say "STOP IT!"

My encouragement to the youthworker is hang in there, keep pressing on. The benefits are worth it.


Dj said...

The thought of getting back into a church full time is terrifying. There's just no way I could survive another hurtful situation like what I have gone through previously. My faith simply cannot take it again. I've been blessed with taking part in several transitional ministries here in the past 18 months, but terrified to take something permanent. The question that haunts me is: "Were they right in what they said about me?" Just not sure if I can cut it anymore.

Gman said...

DJ, my heart broke when I read that ... praying for you this day.

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